Saturday, June 12, 2010

what does islam mean to you ?


Islam is, to me, a solution to all my problems and a solution to all of your problems. Whatever the nature of the problems that you face Islam has a solution. This is because Islam is more than just spiritual, it is practical. Islam is a complete system of life. Islam has a financial system, an education system, a government system and a legal system. And then again it has a social system and it also covers the spiritual aspects of your life. This system of Islam is the best possible system for us since it has been designed by Allah, our Creator, and since He created us He knows best what is good for us and what is bad for us and what is the ideal system for us to live our lives under.It is only this system of Islam that can comprehensively solve the problems of the world e.g. famine, homelessness, crime, oppression and brutality.

Life is short, as you know, so are some people. But seriously, I must not digress. We must think ISLAM, breathe ISLAM, act ISLAM and live ISLAM. ALLAH AKBAR. May your deen be with you at all times and may you think of your death 20 times a day - so that you stop any bad actions and remember that every second you live is a second closer to ALLAH (subhanahu wa' ta'ala)

Islam is submission to Allah. This submission begins in the Name of Allah, The compasionate,the merciful. Compassion which is a condition of the heart is inseperable from mercy which is anact of compassion. The First verse that follows will be the praise and thanks to Allah, which willbe grasped throughout the message of the Quran, in every condition. Islam means Submission to God, Islam means peace, Islam means tolerance islam means alot of things.

i want all my readers to think about what islam means to you and come back and leave a comment telling me what does islam mean to you i would love to hear from you.

with much love



zainab1 said...

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu.

Allaah is my life, and so is islaam I totally agree.. for myself there isn't any parts of my life that does not involve islaam ....some how, walhamdulliaah!!!!

Finding islaam has saved my life way of way of thinking...The way I walk...The way I talk...The way I speak...the list goes on and on... and on and on.

SubhanAllaah!!!!, how perfect and glorified Allaah is.

Really goood post! keep them coming !

Keep up the great work, take care
love you much.