Sunday, May 23, 2010

Allah knows ....

As Salaamu Alkium Sisters,

 Allah knows and sees everything – he knows the outcomes good or bad. Nothing happens in this world that Allah does not know, that Allah has not permitted.Even things considered “evil” are not outside Allah’s realm – it’s thought the evils that happen now will eventually result in human good man cannot understand.

But, although God knows all, that does not mean there is no free will in Islam. Muslims believe Allah has written down all things in the Preserved Tablet – all that happens or will happen is in there; it’s there now because God exists outside time. So, Allah knows what choices men and women will make, but does not stop them from making them.
And Allah only, has Free Will, He Wills whatever He likes and it will always happen as He wills. We have something called, "Free choice." The difference is that what Allah "Wills" always happens and what we choose may or may not happen. We are not being judged on the outcome of things, we are being judged on our choices. This means that at the core of everything will always be our intentions. Whatever we intended, is what we will have the reward for. Each person will be judged according to what Allah gave them to work with, how they used it and what they intended to do with it.

As regards the actual "Judgment Day" - Allah tells us that everything we are doing is being recorded and not a single tiny thing escapes from this record. Even an atom's weight of good will be seen on the Day of Judgment and even a single atom's weight of evil will be seen too .
The one who will bring the evidences against us will be ourselves. Our ears, tongue, eyes and all of our bodies will begin to testify against us in front of Allah on the Day of Judgment. None will be oppressed on that Day, none will be falsely accused.

He could have put everyone in their respective places from the very beginning, but the people would complain as to why they were thrown in Hell without being given a chance. This life is exactly that; a chance to prove to ourselves who we really are and what we would really do if we indeed had a free choice.

Allah Knows everything that will happen, but we don't. That is why the test is fair.

Quite often, when Muslims refer to the future they preface what we say with the phrase “Insha’Allah” or “god willing”. It’s an acknowledgment that humans do not know what’s coming – we can only hope for certain outcomes but, in the end, it all rests in God’s hands.

So what ever lies in the heaven and earth every star in this whole universe allah knows...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

IM A Proud hijabi !

Using Hijab is one of the best ways by which Muslim women can cover their body. According to Islamic teachings, Muslim women should always cover their body in order to avoid men attraction towards them. There are many Hadiths that shows the importance of Proper Muslim Clothing. According to a Hadith, Allah (The most merciful) do not accept the prayers of Muslim women who don't cover their body properly. This Hadith proves the fact that Muslim women should follow the Islamic teachings by wearing proper cloths and covering their body as well. Muslim women all around the world use Hajibs to cover neck and hair.

Women with open hair are very attractive to men and this is against the Islamic purpose. Aisha was the favorite wife of Prophet (sallallahu` alaihi wa sallaam). She used to say that Muslim Women should always draw their veils to over their necks and breast. For a good Muslim, following the Islamic teachings is the most important thing to do. Islam has clearly defined the proper way of covering body for both men and women. Hijabs are very effective in covering women hair and neck. If you have decided, to start wearing a Hijab (Which is a great decision) then you dont even have to go out to the market in order to buy one because there are some great sites on the internet that offers wonderful services.

while you waer khimar there are things you need to do to keep modest such as

(not to shout) when talking -

And do not treat people with contempt - (31:18)

In a gathering one should sit in a way to make room for others and when (gathering is finished) one should move away.

When entering any one's house, one must take permission

If you want to take anything from others, you must ask for it from inside

those are just a few.

sometimes i ask myself why do i wear hijab ?

When I cover myself, I make it virtually impossible for people to judge me according to the way I look. I cannot be categorized because of my attractiveness or lack thereof. i feel safe from all the hate in american and i know allah is watching me.There is a barrier between me and those who would exploit me. I am first and foremost a human being, equal to any man, and not vulnerable because of my sexuality.

Compare this to life in today’s society: We are constantly sizing one another up on the basis of our clothing, jewelry, hair and makeup. What kind of depth can there be in a world like this? Yes, I have a bodyBut it is the vessel of an intelligent mind and a strong spirit.

One of the saddest truths of our time is the question of the beauty myth and female self-image. Reading popular teenage magazines, you can instantly find out what kind of body image is “in” or “out.” and if you have the “wrong” body type, well, then, you’re just going to have to change it, aren’t you? After all, there is no way that you can be overweight and still be beautiful.Look at any advertisement. Is a woman being used to sell the product? How old is she? How attractive is she? What is she wearing? More often than not, that woman will be no older than her early 20s, taller, slimmer and more attractive than average, dressed in skimpy clothing. Why do we allow ourselves to be manipulated like this?

My body is my own business. Nobody can tell me how I should look or whether or not I am beautiful. I know that there is more to me than that. I am also able to say “no” comfortably then people ask me if I feel as though my sexuality is being repressed. I have taken control of my sexuality. I am thankful I will never have to suffer the fate of trying to lose/gain weight or trying to find the exact lipstick shade that will go with my skin color. I have made choices about what my priorities are and these are not among them.

so sisters before you go to bed tonight ask yourself why do i wear hijab ? and come back and tell me i would love to hear why you wear hijab ?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

How to Make Your Own dhikr beads

As salaamu alaikum sisters,
here is a cool idea ! how to make dhikr beads for who use them.
Things You'll Need:

•100 beads

•Strong string or nylon line

Make or purchase 100 beads. Some believe the best selection of prayer beads can be found on the Internet or in stores such as ac moore. Historically, date seeds were most often used to make prayer beads, but you may make yours from any type of material you wish as long as you create 100 of them.

Step 2
Choose a material for the cord onto which your beads will be strung. Leather, gold yarn and silk have been popular choices for Islamic prayer bracelets, but yours will be no less perfect if you select plastic, sturdy cord, twine or rope. Just be certain the stringing material you choose can be threaded through the holes in the beads.

Step 3
Sit quietly and contemplate the blessings of Allah as you begin to thread beads onto the string. Saying prayers while making a religious object like an Islamic bracelet is a sacred duty and must be performed while you craft.

Step4 Once you have counted to 33 beads, either make a knot or add a specially shaped or distinct bead to the string to end section one. The first section of the bracelet is usually referred to as "SubhanAllah."

Step 5
Continue as you add a second group of 33 more beads to the string to complete the "Hamdullah" section. As in Step 3, feed a distinct bead onto the string or create a knot to keep it separate from the first and third sections.

Step 6
Add the final 33 beads to the bracelet as you close the 99-bead circle with the addition of the final group of beads known as "Allahuakbar."

Place the third and final distinct bead (or simply a knot), and then add the 100th bead

Step 8
Tie the 100-bead bracelet together but don't cut the cord or string holding the bracelet together. Instead, allow the cords or strings to dangle freely. According to Islamic belief, evil spirits are fearful of things that "dangle" so stay with tradition and, if the spirit moves you, add two beads or tassels on the ends as decorations.


Enjoy owning your handmade Islamic bracelet and remember it symbolizes the 99 names of Allah ---particularly when you invoke the name Allah when you touch the 100th bead to complete the circle of faith.