Sunday, May 23, 2010

Allah knows ....

As Salaamu Alkium Sisters,

 Allah knows and sees everything – he knows the outcomes good or bad. Nothing happens in this world that Allah does not know, that Allah has not permitted.Even things considered “evil” are not outside Allah’s realm – it’s thought the evils that happen now will eventually result in human good man cannot understand.

But, although God knows all, that does not mean there is no free will in Islam. Muslims believe Allah has written down all things in the Preserved Tablet – all that happens or will happen is in there; it’s there now because God exists outside time. So, Allah knows what choices men and women will make, but does not stop them from making them.
And Allah only, has Free Will, He Wills whatever He likes and it will always happen as He wills. We have something called, "Free choice." The difference is that what Allah "Wills" always happens and what we choose may or may not happen. We are not being judged on the outcome of things, we are being judged on our choices. This means that at the core of everything will always be our intentions. Whatever we intended, is what we will have the reward for. Each person will be judged according to what Allah gave them to work with, how they used it and what they intended to do with it.

As regards the actual "Judgment Day" - Allah tells us that everything we are doing is being recorded and not a single tiny thing escapes from this record. Even an atom's weight of good will be seen on the Day of Judgment and even a single atom's weight of evil will be seen too .
The one who will bring the evidences against us will be ourselves. Our ears, tongue, eyes and all of our bodies will begin to testify against us in front of Allah on the Day of Judgment. None will be oppressed on that Day, none will be falsely accused.

He could have put everyone in their respective places from the very beginning, but the people would complain as to why they were thrown in Hell without being given a chance. This life is exactly that; a chance to prove to ourselves who we really are and what we would really do if we indeed had a free choice.

Allah Knows everything that will happen, but we don't. That is why the test is fair.

Quite often, when Muslims refer to the future they preface what we say with the phrase “Insha’Allah” or “god willing”. It’s an acknowledgment that humans do not know what’s coming – we can only hope for certain outcomes but, in the end, it all rests in God’s hands.

So what ever lies in the heaven and earth every star in this whole universe allah knows...


poshnmodest said...

Beautiful post sis! Reminds me of a song by Zain Bhika called Allah knows, always brings a tear to my eye.

khadijah said...

poshnmodest - as salaamu alakium yes , thats the song that inspired me to add this post to my blog. =)

zainab1 said...

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah...

Beautiful...Beautiful post ! Khadijah....Keep up the excellent and very inspiring work.

BarakAllaahu Feek
Love ya , Umm

suusuu9_9 said...


Beautiful :)
Allah akbaru.