Monday, March 15, 2010


as salaamu alkium sisters,

So my mom and i was on the computer yesterday for some new blog post. so i saw the word the word henna. i said why don't i make a new post about henna Sooo...
i just love henna . my mom introduced henna to me when i was around the age 11 and ever since i just loved henna ! if you don't know what henna is . it is a something like a tattoo but it is at least last for 7-8 comes in many colors such as black , brown, and red. also many more

you can do any many designs with henna. example above.. But i just do my name or shapes.most people use henna for designs like the ones above.some men use the henna to die there Beard or sisters use the henna to die there hair. uhmmm.... doing this post on henna makes me want to do some. =) lol. as salaamu alakium


zainab1 said...

As salaamu alakium wa rahmatullaah ,very nice post, I to looove henna ! so , glad to hear that you enjoy when we have our family henna parties ( smiles) , Love ya! keep up the great work. You, make me very proud (smiles)

BarakAllaahu Feek!

Anonymous said...

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